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Palliative Care Program

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Palliative Care Program

Provides personal care in a larger, impersonal medical community.

Palliative Care is an ongoing conversation, one with specialists in chronic illness and end of life care. Namaste’s Palliative Care Program offers a safe place to process illness with a collaborative team of medical professionals. Often in the clinics and hospitals, doctors are moving quickly and may not have the time to educate patients on their illness, managing their symptoms and what to expect going forward. Alina Love, our Palliative Nurse Practitioner, does just this. She sits one on one with a patient and often their family to educate, answer questions and focus in on quality of life. Alina also collaborates closely with a patient’s primary care clinic or oncology clinic to make recommendations as she is seeing the patient regularly in their home setting.

Alina Love has the support of two teammates, Amanda Dodson and Renae Baker. As a licensed clinical social worker, Amanda Dodson counsels patients and their loved ones as they process their feelings regarding life limiting and life threatening diagnoses. Amanda offers an approachable presence, allowing patients to feel comfortable sitting with their scariest and ugliest thoughts and feelings. Amanda encourages patients to visualize their best life, what it looks like in the midst of illness, and advocates for patient to make decisions in order to achieve their most comfortable and dignified reality.

Renae, the Palliative Program’s Registered Nurse, is the perfect completion to the team. Renae is able to supplement the medical assessment and collaborative piece of palliative care while guiding patients and families through difficult decision making. Renae follows Namaste’s palliative patients in and out of the larger clinic and hospital setting, ensuring that our patients never lose the support of this palliative team. Renae assists patients in navigating the larger medical system, ensuring that they have an advocate for their comfort, dignity and quality of life in a system that fights for quantity above all else.

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