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What makes us Namaste

Namaste Home Health + Hospice is a Medicare and Medicaid certified home healthcare and hospice agency that has been serving the greater Denver area since 1998. At Namaste Home Health + Hospice, we believe that choice always exists and that excellent quality of life is always attainable. Whether we’re caring for a senior after a surgery, support a patient’s family member cope with grief, or supporting a loved one with a serious illness, our team will seek to provide care that exemplifies truly Life Changing Service.



Our Mission

Namaste Home Health + Hospice seeks to provides life changing service to patients and their families. We are passionate about serving those that are seeking recovery through our home health services or are nearing the end of life and receiving care from our hospice professionals. Namaste adheres to being guided by the goals of the patient. Furthermore, embracing patient self-determination, autonomy, and choice.

Our Home Health & Hospice Services

Overview of Our

Home Health Services

The Namaste Home Health care team seeks to enable patients to receive care in their home and minimize the risks associated with receiving care in hospitals or other facilities. In home care is proven to be a less costly and more comfortable option for receiving treatment and medical oversight. There is also a lower risk of infection at home and the opportunity to increase the ability to perform activities of daily living that improve quality of life.

Our team of nurses, therapists, CNAs, and medical social workers will help you to meet your health goals as you strive to recover from an illness or operation, improve strength and independence, or manage a chronic condition. We strive to help you maintain or regain your independence in the environment that you are most comfortable in, your home.

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Overview of Our

Hospice Services

We believe that people with a serious illness can live fully and die well.

When death is accepted as a natural part of life, hope changes, but does not disappear. A person faced with serious, life-limiting or terminal illness need not stop reaching for wishes and dreams. The Namaste team puts our resources into creating an end-of-life experience that meets the unique needs and requests of each patient and family. We focus on enhancing and maintaining quality of life, on each client’s own terms.

Namaste Hospice provides Nursing, Hospice Aide, Social Work, Chaplain and Volunteer services in the place where the patient resides – wherever that may be – on a scheduled basis, and team members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Namaste Hospice is able to offer the most assistance when called soon after a difficult diagnosis is made. We provide services within 50 miles of our office in South Denver. Even if you live outside of our service area, we may be able to direct you toward the appropriate resources.

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