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What resources can Namaste Hospice help my loved ones and me procure?

The Namaste Hospice Team is available to help obtain just about anything that can help you and your loved ones be more comfortable. We believe in doing what’s best for the patient and family at all times, so we are dedicated to providing whatever they need. Here are some of the resources Namaste Hospice can help you secure:

  • Hospice services
  • Access to medical and financial benefits
  • Location of optimal living arrangements
  • Assistance with advanced directives
  • Education about disease process and treatment options
  • Facilitation of meaningful dialogue with family
  • Patient advocacy
  • In addition, the Comfort Fund is dedicated to helping people who are short on resources to receive things they need during the end of life.

I think I might be or know someone who is ready for hospice care. What happens when I call Namaste?

Namaste guarantees a quick response to referrals. Typically we can have an admissions nurse or counselor to you within two hours. A team member will discuss your specific situation with you and determine whether you or your loved one may be appropriate for one of our programs. Remember, you can call Namaste 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 303-730-3578.

Will my insurance cover Namaste's services?

Hospice and Home Health services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies. There is often no out-of-pocket expense to patients or their families. Please call us to get a list of private insurances we contact with.

Can my friends or unrelated significant others be involved in making decisions and helping with my care?

At Namaste, we define a patient’s family as the group of individuals who are significant to the patient. That means they don’t have to be related to the patient to participate in Namaste’s services.