Understanding: Children and Grief

Children’s feelings of grief are complex. Many explanations commonly used to discuss death with children actually serve to confuse them. Fear for the lives of other family members or their own life is common. Do not use the word “sleep” when describing death. Children should be given simple, honest answers as to what is happening. […]

Understanding: The Grief Process

You may find yourself busy immediately following your loved one’s death. It is important during this time to take things slowly and enlist the help of friends and family. You can expect to experience grief for a long time. Be prepared for the possibility of unexpected feelings of bereavement months and even years after your […]

The Caregiver’s Role

You may not think of yourself as a caregiver, but anyone who helps someone else because that person is no longer able to manage some or all of the activities of daily life is considered a caregiver.

Overview of Services: The “Things” Part of Hospice

MEDICATIONS Hospice provides medications that address symptoms related to the terminal diagnosis. All medications are prescribed by the attending physician and delivered by a courier service to the patient’s home. Medications are available to the patient 24 hours a day. The hospice nurse is responsible for ordering medications and will arrange for delivery at a […]

Overview of Services: The “People” Part of Hospice

The Inter-Disciplinary Group (IDG) is composed of individuals who provide the complete spectrum of care to the patient and his/her loved ones. The team members is a community of care providers with the patient and family at its center. Namaste Hospice team members contribute expertise in managing physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms – but the […]

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